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     WHAT IS VIKING FEST?   Viking Fest in an annual event that raises money in the memory of Eric Moore.  From 2PM-4PM 100% of ALL sales (excluding gift shop) are donated in the memory of Eric Moore.  Participants can order anything they wish including our 2LB VIKING BURGER.  The cost of the food, staff, ect. is all paid for by Spanky's Grille. 

    WHEN IS VIKING FEST?   December 2th

     WHERE DOES THE MONEY GO?  The proceeds from Viking Fest 1-8 were donated to the Griggs Elementary school library.  Griggs has been wonderful to our children, but in 2017 our youngest graduated. 

    The Jarvisburg Church of Christ is always looking to raise money for our teachers at the Currituck middle school as school supplies are always in short supply.  School supplies are often paid for by our teachers.  Teachers give to the world, we want to give to our teachers.  100% of all proceeds (excluding the gift shop) from Viking Fest IX will be donated to the Currituck middle school. 

     NOTE:  We don't know how much we will raise, but we know finances can be especially difficult for teachers at the start of the school year.  To make things easier, Spanky's Grille has already donated $300 to the middle school.  After Viking Fest, we will deduct the $300 from the total.  We want the teachers to start the school year on a positive note.    

     WHERE IS VIKING FEST?   Viking Fest is held at Spanky's Grille in Kitty Hawk, MP 3.5. 

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