When our FULL family sits at the dinner table, we talk about Spanky's with the family and then we listen to John and Ronnie talk about building.  John and Ronnie are contractors and they are family...that in itself isn't enough to post a link.  John and Ronnie are just like my wife and I...they work hard, they take pride in what they do, and they enjoy their work.  We are as proud of them as they are of us and we are happy to share the link to each of them.  Ronnie (Narrow Shores) built Spanky's Grille, John (Cooper Quality) built our house; couldn't be happier with the work that each did!!!!     



     If you are looking for what's happening on the Outer Banks I think that you'll find almost anything you need and more at OBXEntertainment.  Matt and Sue are fun to talk with and they are always seem to have a great feel for what's happening on the area.






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